Safe at Home

So far, I’m thankful I can say the same for friends and family (thanks to Twitter, IM, and mobile phones). I’m also thankful for telecommuting.

– thanks to smithers for the photo

The stretch of Highway 35W bridge I – and many other of my Twin Citizens – take to get around Minneapolis collapsed earlier this evening.


Into the river taking 50+ cars, trucks, and a school bus with it.

If you need an idea of where:
Imagine this picture without the big bridge.

I’m pretty torqed @ the mobile phone networks right now. This is when they’re needed the most. And they’re failing.

UPDATE 3 AUG 2007:
With the 35W South onramp @ Stinson/New Brighton Blvd closed and now 280 closed @ Broadway, I went from living in a place with easy access to all major Twin Cities freeways, to being completely isolated. It’ll probably be like this for a couple years. Farg.

I’m anxious to see how NE Mpls culture will change between now and when 35W re-opens. Will the disconnect with downtown make it more NE-y, more suburban, or more North-y?

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