Shooting Your Hunting Partners is Poor Form

It would have been a sin to grow up in rural Wisconsin and not go through hunter’s safety and purchase a couple of deer and small game licenses.

The second and last time I went small game hunting, my dad and I were resting on a felled tree when some sort of creature appeared. I raised my shotgun and just as I pulled the trigger I noticed the line of fire would go right past my dad.

Maybe I was 14. Even then I knew shooting my hunting partner was a bad idea. Cheney is 65.

Two years ago, all hell broke loose in my former backyard. What really happened between Cha Vang and a half dozen locals we may never know.

This past weekend, “Vice President Cheney accidentally sprayed a companion with birdshot while hunting quail on a private Texas ranch, injuring the man in the face, neck and chestShailagh Murray and Peter Baker.


Cheney should probably return to his favorite undisclosed location or take full responsibility for his actions and go on television this evening to apologize and talk about gun safety.

Now it comes out Cheney didn’t buy the new $7 bird stamp for his hunting license. Ironically, the increased fee was probably a result of reduced federal funding. Blah.

2 thoughts on “Shooting Your Hunting Partners is Poor Form

  1. Did you hear Dick is planning to go quail hunting again this weekend?
    He invited former President Clinton along and told Bill to bring his wife. 😉

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