Standing Desk II: The Chair Returns

For the past 4+ years I’ve lacked an office chair – at my $20 standing desk. Over that time, the only significant change was upgrading the monitor.

Over that time, my work has shifted to more paper-based and whiteboard-based work (less screen work). The standing desk setup, while fantastic for keeping me from being sedentary during the day, lacked a place to spread papers out, to dive into whiteboard. It lacked a horizontal surface large enough to mise en place.

After months with visions of a classic drafting table or clearing everything out an replacing it with a one, long, white table. I simply reconfigured the pieces I already had.

By ‘reconfigured’ I mean – turn the re-purposed kitchen cabinet creating my standing desk 90˚. Yep, that’s it.

Oh, and I added a chair.


This one small change created a fourth distinct work zone in a 12’*10′ room.
A work zone more conducive to pen on paper, notes in books, sketches on whiteboards. All on the opposite side of the monitor. I’ve been delighted by this configuration each day this past week.