Studying Buggywhips

“‘Go forth and make media,’ I told the group. ‘You want to be a journalist, be one! There’s no badge that makes you one, no degree, no license (thank God and the founding fathers), no credentials and no special anointing from the New York Times. So just do it.’ This again drew a few moans and rolled eyes.” – Terry Heaton

Maybe there was a time when Bachelor-level studies prepped people to lead a profession. I’m not confident. For me, it was 4 years of understanding background, history, and gaining basic skills like critical thinking and taking criticism. A few years back I explored going back to school to get a better foundation for some of the things I’m doing today. In the end, I decided that 2 years doing in the “real world” would better serve me.

To those rolling their eyes – I didn’t graduate that long ago, and what I’m doing today didn’t exist then. The profession I thought I wanted to get into turned out to be really, really boring and not as cool as I thought it would be.