Computers and Cars: Differences and Similarities

Driving around this weekend with the family and the dome light in the car wouldn’t turn off. An irritation for sure, but not as serious an issue as the speedometer, tachometer, or odometer not functioning at all. Freaky.

Scouring through the owners manual while still on the road, we came up with nothing. Not even sure why Chrysler spent the money on printing, all it did was frustrate us more.

Also this week, my decade-plus-old Apple Personal LaserWriter 300 came home after a long absence. This printer is a workhorse – printing on anything that’ll fit in the paper slot

Unfortunately, despite having the hardware to bring the printer into the home network, none of computers we use these days have the software to recognize it. I suppose it goes on a shelf next to my Remington Rands and Smith Coronas.

Imagine if your car no longer fit on the road. Baffling.