That Giant Buzzing Sound You Hear is Me-dia Filtering and Aggregating

Fellow local me-dia mogul Chuck Olsen got some nice press in the Sunday Strib this week.

A nice write up, and I’m glad Chuck got the press – he deserves it. Afterwards though, I had the distinct feeling that the Strib, in their haste to cover every base, actually missed the interesting bits (that you can and should do this too). I’ve had this feeling (completely missing the story) frequently as of late with traditional media (their-dia?). Enough that Jen’s tired of me commenting on it.

Thankfully, Jeff Jarvis is more articulate in describing this emptiness than I. Here’s some choice quotes from his latest must-read post, Not Quite, Times;

“The problem is that [traditional media publishers] still think the internet is something the powerful use to affect the rest of us. Wrong. It’s what the rest of us use to affect the powerful.”

“…politicians never owned politics and the businesses never owned the market and journalists never owned the news. The people do.”

The Strib delivers readers to advertisers in exchange for a printing and distribution. There are no ads on this site (either that, or it’s full of ads). This post is as much ‘note to self’ as ‘something interesting to share’.

Existing media outlets, like the Strib and the Utne, are in the same business I am – filtering and aggregation. I aggregate my filters and redistribute, my filters aggregate theirs and redistribute. Same for them. How about you?