The Power of Podcasting 2: Feeling Bad for the Dead Guy

Dan Klass shares some fantastic stories on his podcast the Bitterest Pill. My all time favorite is #41 So, You Don’t Even Live Around Here.

If you’ve listened to #39 CSI:Naked Man Body or #38 CSI:Private School or checked out the little cartoon image of him. You know he’s not as svelt as he once was. In both those episodes Dan describes his audition and subsequent landing of a part in a CSI promo. How he auditioned for both parts, how his head got wacked and wacked and wacked as the dead guy. How it still stung as he was retelling.

Last night as I was watching CSI (Vegas, though I prefer Miami), Dan’s promo came on.

My first thought: “He’s much better looking than his cartoon.”

My second thought: “I feel bad for the dead guy.”

Without the Bitterest Pill, I would have assumed the dead guy was some synthetic person-like mass, not a part to audition for, let alone feel empathy for.