The Real Need to Disintermediate “Friendship”

“Okay, Twitter is funny; I really don’t want to type in @garrickvanburen when Garrick knows who he is, but ‘at Garrick’ gets coded wrong. :(” – Eric Larson

“I would love to see the distributed infrastructure of the web, blogs and RSS reach the level of adoption and usefulness that Facebook has, I’m quite certain we’re not there yet.” – Avi Bryant

“Closed systems are fine in the early stages of a new technology. They’re the training wheels for a new layer of users and uses. But, as we always see, the training wheels eventually come off, explosively…” – Dave Winer

“The Web is ‘The’ social network. That’s all we need. Now we just need an easy way to create and share personal social-space that we can easily publish to any server we want.” – Arnie