The Rise of the Overextended Class

” I delegate, work all the time, hardly sleep, totally ignore politics, sports and pop culture, neglect my family too much and probably don’t do any of my jobs as well as I could. But these are exciting days, and if ever these was a time to be overextended this is it.” – Chris Anderson, Wired Editor

“Our parents and grandparents spent their Cognitive Surplus watching television. That’s a thing of the past… a historical accident of the old factory-worker age meeting the modern mass-media age. Of course it wouldn’t last forever. We humans as a species were designed to compete, not to sit around on our asses.”

“Welcome to the Overextended Class, People…” – Hugh McLeod

I did a quick project inventory and hit a baker’s dozen without missing a beat.
Sure helps explain my 18-hours a day for most of the summer – and unexpectedly – a new steadfast calm.