To Fox’s House Producers: Limp Not The Problem

The short write up on Fox’s House in the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly reports the producers are asking what happens if House doesn’t have his limp anymore.

That’s easy. There’s no show. Poof.

I said this a year ago on the subject:

“House is a great character because of the contrast of this most obvious weakness and his bitter, curt, authority.”

Without the limp, House is just an ass, and frankly the Cameron/House romance story line is already lame.

If House is going to be “fixed”, let me know which episode so I can cancel the Tivo’s Season Pass.


Update: 5 Sept. – Caught the season premier tonight. So, now that House’s leg is better, his staff and colleagues are crippling him. Uh. It was better the other way around. Before, his pain killer addiction was an on-going joke, a little something happening in the background. Now, if that’s his only flaw – it’s just sad. If this continues, it’ll be Gray’s Anatomy but for guys. Where the show’s namesake is the most boring, static character on camera. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “To Fox’s House Producers: Limp Not The Problem

  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. Note to TV execs: If your show is driven by a flawed character, when you somehow come to the conclusion that we love these shows *in spite of* those flaws instead of *because of* those flaws, and then try to “fix” said flaws, we WILL quit watching.

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