I Don’t Care What Everyone Thinks

“…when it comes to choosing what I read and what is relevant to me, I’m only interested in opinions from people i know and trust.” – Shel Israel

A while back, I re-grouped all the feeds in my aggregator – notably the ‘Everyone’ group contains authors that said something interesting once…but that I neither know personally or consider consistently insightful. A clunky hack to be sure. All the other groups; my feeds, ‘Friends & Family’, ‘Minnesota Blogs’, and of course ‘Must Reads’, are all a higher priority than ‘Everyone’.

I’m in full agreement with Shel. The aggregation tools we have today make it easy to read what the entire world finds interesting. Still, there isn’t an easy way to glean the conversations, emerging and otherwise, within the comparatively small group of people I trust. It’s really a simple question:

What are the people I trust talking about?

This is one of the problems I’m hoping FeedSeeder will help with, at least for me.

Something’s in the air – Ross Mayfield calls it MeMeme.

I found Ross’ post just after saving my Intro presentation for tonight’s MinneDemo.