Twitter Updates for 2008-01-26

  • watching season 1 of Torchwood via Netflix. Pretty good. Needs to either get darker or more humorous to be enjoyable long term. #
  • @jwynia, Top # lists are useless and why any on-demand/streaming service won’t beat Netflix for a while. J’s Top 100 is far more interesting #
  • a nice reminder that in more places than conventional wisdom allows, Wal-Mart is hope. cullect/53: #
  • 97.8% of Americans make more than minimum wage. cullect/53: #
  • Me: "Granola." Him: "Cooper, says it’s ‘granona’." #
  • @sborsch, last time I rented a place (~5 yrs ago) – we found it sitting in a coffee shop browsing the bulletin board. #

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