Undead End

After reading an article in my RSS reader, there are a number of actions I’d like to perform. All of these are about moving the ball forward. How many of these does your aggregator do easily?

  • Post a comment to the original article.
  • Email the author.
  • Post a reaction on your own public blog while quoting, crediting, and pinging the original article.
  • Email a article to someone that doesn’t read your blog.
  • Save the entire article to a private archive.

2 thoughts on “Undead End

  1. While I agree timeliness is often the most valuable, there are a number of cases to save an article (the reason bookmarking sites are so popular).

    I frequently save tutorials and code samples locally – because they’re easier to refind locally than re-searching online.

    Sometimes relevance trumps timeliness.

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