Under the Weather. No Coffee for a Bit.

Hi all. My apologies for the lack of updates. Some sort of virus put the smack down on me earlier this week (it’s going around). My head feels like a bowling ball and the thought of talking hurts. Worst of all – I haven’t had coffee since Tuesday. Tea. Lots of tea and lots of tasty Green Goodness juices.

Jen just listened to Jon Share His Geo, and she said she liked the format – me being between you and the interviewee. Less eavesdropping and more This American Life-esque. What do you think? 206-20-BEAN-1 or email.

Thanks for sticking around. I hope to bring you another heavily caffeinated episode early next week.

In the mean time, check out something else I’ve been working on: WishRSS – it turns Amazon WishLists into RSS feeds.

Alright. Time for more tea.