Hello, welcome to the hub of Garrick.

Hi all.

A couple weeks back, Jen Bohmbach and I talked about weblogs for an episode of the First Crack Podcast. In that conversation, you’ll hear us talk about the strengths (“you have a very comprehensive view of that person”) and weaknesses (“you have a very comprehensive view of that person”) of having a single weblog.

Personally, I think in topics and I like a little stronger separation between my topics than a single weblog will support. Previously, if you wanted to know what’s on my mind, you could check out MNteractive.com, The Work Better Weblog, and more recently, the First Crack Podcast. All of them are fairly topic specific. I like that. There were times when I had something to say that didn’t neatly fit into one of those 3 topics. Like WishRSS, or the WP-iCal plugin, some other early stage project, or just a thought I’d like to share.

That’s the purpose of this site. Think of it as the hub of Garrick, or the misc. category of my personality, or the most comprehensive view of me.

As always. it has an RSS feed.