Introducing the WP-iCal Plugin

The WP-iCal plugin turns WordPress into a multi-author, online calendar. The plugin takes any posts in a ‘Calendar’ category and writes them to an .ics file ready for subscription into Apple’s iCal or other vCal-friendly app.

All information on WP-iCal, including the latest version, comments (even the ones that were here), and version history is being maintained at

One thought on “Introducing the WP-iCal Plugin

  1. Hi Garrick,

    I’m trying to get WP-iCal running on a WPMU installation. I’ve followed the directions on, but I’m getting a parse error (unexpected $end line 329). Am I right in thinking that by “server path” you mean the path to the calendar.ics file? I’ve downloaded the latest version (which, by the way, seems to have a different version number than the link to the file implies). Any ideas?


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