Van Buren Family Christmas Card 2005

van buren 2005 christmas card

I thought you’d all like to see our holiday card for this year. As always, It’s Jen’s concept and my typography. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. It feels very Classic 1940s Christmas to me. Sure, there’s more to it than this image – Jen did some very cool stuff that doesn’t translate well digitally. If you find one in your mailbox let us know what you think in the comment.

2 thoughts on “Van Buren Family Christmas Card 2005

  1. As always, you are very thoughtful Garrick. Thanks for the Christmas greetings. I liked the tactile embossment on the envelope.

    I also appreciated the Profile I received from the Dept. of New Babies, Van Buren Branch. His zen like personality is like our Catherine – very content to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. To our continued amusement, Catherine’s twin, Mary, is a spitfire. One will be a contemplative, the other an evangelist.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

  2. Easily the nicest card we received at The Foundation. My dream is that Paper Source and Hallmark flip-flop on the public consciousness scale… but then again would such beautiful work with paper and materials be as precious? I’d like to think a world permeated with good design wouldn’t be banal, but I digress. A beautiful baby and a lovely card. Thanks!

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