SAFD Says Merry Christmas 2006

We finished trimming our first, real, Christmas tree in 4 years tonight, good thing too. Tonight was the annual, unofficial, St. Anthony Village Christmas parade.

Christmas carols waving in and out of earshot as not one, not two, but four (!) St. Anthony Village Fire Department vehicles slowing cruising each block. Of course, the lighted reindeer and Santa on a firetruck is the main attraction. From our place on the corner, the anticipation was nearly unbearable. When they finally pulled around 30th Street, we threw a winter cap on bottle-sucking Little C, and ran out to meet them. As did a handful more Villagers across the street.

In addition, our fine, holiday-spirit-filled firemen were also collecting Toys-for-Tots.

Year after year, one of most entertaining reasons to live here.

Van Buren Family Christmas Card 2005

van buren 2005 christmas card

I thought you’d all like to see our holiday card for this year. As always, It’s Jen’s concept and my typography. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. It feels very Classic 1940s Christmas to me. Sure, there’s more to it than this image – Jen did some very cool stuff that doesn’t translate well digitally. If you find one in your mailbox let us know what you think in the comment.

Happy Holidays from St. Anthony Village


This is the second winter we’ve spent in the house and the second winter somebody covered a city firetruck in lights, turned the carols up to 11, strapped a sleigh on the back, threw Santa in it, and drove around the village spreading holiday cheer.

Like the summer’s helicopter ping-pong drop – it makes both Jen and I smile for living here.