Van Crashes into Paper Source

Van Crash 3

UPDATE: 25 Mar 2005
This from the Paper Source’s page on their Minneapolis location

If you’ve driven past our store you may have noticed that things are not what they once were. One big van crash took out half the building. The good news is that nobody was hurt. The bad news is that while we wanted to expand, this isn¹t exactly what we had planned….

Earlier this morning, a crazy red van crashed into the 2400 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis. The impact completely destroyed the NE corner of the building.

The building’s storefronts include; where Jen works – Paper Source, and the hair salon, Sudz.

The impact hit Sudz square. It’s goneUpdate: Sudz is back. The structural integrity of the rest of the building is uncertain and will be determined on Monday. Meaning, the Paper Source will be closed on Monday. Sudz, probably longer.

Considering Jen’s on staff at the Paper Source, we got the news almost immediately. We headed over and I snapped some photos with my T610.

At the time I was there, there were half a dozen others snapping away, a handful with camera phones and a handful with “real” digital cameras.

As of 10am Sun, the only other coverage I’ve seen on the incident is this brief write-up at WCCO.

Here’s KSTP’s coverage of the van crash

Laura Thayer took some great photos with a real camera.

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  1. Dear Blogger,

    The previous entry submitted by so called “Sudz Salon” is fake. We apologize. When ever we submit official entries they are always from “Offical Sudz Sudz Salon Mpls”. We hope you visit us at our newly redesigned home at We have a section that will soon be added on our site about the crash and will have links to blog owners about their coverage of the crash. We would be honered to add a link to your blog on our site. Thank You very much for your coverage and support. – Sudz Salon Mpls Owners

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