What if Google Blocked Your Site?

“Yet, Google’s system makes no distinction between people who have malsites and people who get hacked and then fix their sites. Neither Google nor Twitter notified me at all, despite the fact that both have my email address via my respective accounts at those services, nor did they give me any fair warning to remedy the problem before they took action. Instead, they just treated me like a cybercriminal.” – Ian Bogost

While net neutrality advocates are focused on the bandwidth side of net neutrality, this is the fourth instance in the past couple months of Google causing collateral damage in the name of safety, and not-being-evil.

I’ll agree that malware is an issue that should be stopped early.

I’m just not sure how far away malware is from communism.

Ultimately, issues like this are why Google (and Twitter) needs a number of viable competitors.

One thought on “What if Google Blocked Your Site?

  1. I think the interesting point from that blog post, was Google has the infrastructure in place to remedy the situation in a timely manner, Twitter does not. I see the problem Twitter runs into with spam and malware being distributed through links on their platform, but their far to slow at responding to fix the customer service issues.

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