What Price iPod?

Interesting conversation last evening about the price of iPods specifically, and ecommerce differences in general between the States and Belgium.

Check this:
80 Gig iPod: $350 or €399
With the current exchange rate, that makes the European price tag: $529


For that price, it’d be worth flying to the States and loading up a suitcase. I saw a post earlier this week about people in England doing just that. If you saw that post as well, could you link it up in the comments. Thanks.

UPDATE: We spent the afternoon walking around the main shopping districts. The prices for clothing or grocery items with global brands seemed on even with the prices I’d see at home (post currency conversion). So, assuming the H&M at the Mall of America has the same inventory as the one in downtown Brussels – it doesn’t matter where you purchase it. Same for Pampers.

The biggest price distinction I’ve seen is on beer and wine. The quality and selection at the price point I’m most comfortable with – ~$10 – is far higher and wider. That’ll get you one Belgian beer at my neighborhood St. Anthony Village Liquors and a case of it here. Oh, and the cases are sturdy, plastic, and returnable.

Reminds me of the giant, community recycling bins for plastic, metal, and glass. We totally need them in the States.

UPDATE: Gas prices here run between €0.90 and €1.40 ($1.20 – $1.80) seems just a little lower than the prices at home…until you remember this price is per liter. Making the per gallon price: $3.40 – $5.60. Road congestion is just as bad in Brussels as any significantly dense city – even with the diversity of transit options (tram, subway, bus).

At Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen compares the price of an iPod Nano across 26 countries