What To Do with 10 Sears Ads?

Sunday Star Tribune seemed a little heavy for a boring, post-holiday, January weekend. As I culled out the handful of things I actually care about;

  • comics
  • big box electronics ads
  • “signature” – maybe there’s something interesting this week
  • “money + business” – maybe there’s something interesting this week
  • the Satellite radio article in “arts & entertainment” – complete fluff piece. Aside from reading like an ad for Howard Stern. I hope the Strib got some ad dollars for the article. More on that at the Work Better blog.

I also found:

  • 2 duplicate Office Depot ads
  • 2 duplicate PartyAmerica ads
  • 5 duplicate CompUSA ads
  • and yes, 10 duplicate Sears ads
  • I don’t know how advertisers pay the Strib and measure its usefulness, but this can’t be helpful. Plus, I didn’t page through any of them. So, doubly un-helpful.