Why the Democrats Lose

Over the past 17 days I’ve received 19 calls from this same unknown number. No message, no nothing. Some where in there, I found out it was the DNC calling (presumably for money) and well, I don’t have time for that right now. They just kept calling, and calling, and I just kept hitting ‘Ignore’. Leave a message, seriously.

Tonight, call number 20, I had a single moment to hear their spiel.

Uninspiring. Some vague statement about needing to train people, some script-read bit about taking back something from Bush, and how they need 80 gazillion dollars to make it worth their while. And the ask;

“Can we count on you to make a symbolic contribution of $110?”

“Symbolic” contribution?

Are they asking for actual, real money?

Baffled, I asked why they called me 20 times and couldn’t leave a message.

She apologized and said the call center had so many calls to make that nobody had time to leave a message.

Wrong answer.

There are so many things wrong with this story. So many. At least 20.

If the DNC is going to win, they need to be aggressive, passionate, straight-forward, engaging, and focused. Not annoying, aimless, vague, and apologetic.

Have we learned nothing?

2 thoughts on “Why the Democrats Lose

  1. We haven’t learned much. I got an email the other day asking me to vote on MoveOn’s top initiatives. The list was uninspiring to say the least. Uninspiring will never beat fervent and dedicated believers that have very specific and packaged initiatives to ‘get behind’.

  2. Yes, but they won anyway. Which goes to show if you throw enough mud some will stick to the voters’ psyche. Well, the next two years will be entertaining: a bunch of clueless winners with no plan and a very large monkey on their back faking government

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