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Daily Reality Continued

“The alternative to the feckless to-do list is what I call ‘living in your calendar.’ That means taking your tasks off the to-do list, estimating how much time each of them will consume, and transferring them to your calendar.” – Daniel Markovitz

I’ve been ‘living in my calendar’ for 18 months now – since I first drew up the Daily Reality Planner. I’ve found it to be an excellent tool to set reasonable expectations (if only for myself).

Even though not everything I schedule needs to be done at that specific time – making that declaration helps me a) commit to it and b) mentally prepare for doing it.

Good things.

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The Open Web Needs Us

“We need to make it always-easier for people to own and run their own infrastructure. People think it’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Each of us can have the equiv of a printing plant, that’s the magic of tech. No harder to keep running than a laptop. To those people in tech who still hold to the ideal of free communication unrestricted by government or corporations, please use some of your profits to help guarantee the future of an independent Internet.” – Dave Winer