2701 31st Ave NE St Anthony Village has an MLS Number

The house is on the MLS now – #3152250. Woo hoo.

I see this house being perfect for 3 different people:

  1. Single people (even with kids)
    It’s a small place, easy to maintain, with lots of storage. Easy access to downtown and the highways with a huge lot for gardening and landscaping.
  2. DINKs or DIPs
    Just the two of you and a couple of dogs that need to run? Comfortable, cozy spaces for pets and their stuff and yes, outdoor space for games of fetch. We didn’t have pets when we bought it, the lower maintenance and expense of a small house was perfect for us.
  3. Developers
    Wanna build a half-million dollar home in St. Anthony Village? Seems like a decent price for a big lot like this. For a while we were talking about adding a big, modern addition in the side yard. Living in this place during all the construction.

More info in my earlier post and over at Sam’s Urban Realty website as well.