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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Opting Out of Gmail

“I want to continue using the Google tools I love without the risk of loosing my online identity by doing something I didn’t know was prohibited (I am still not sure why that Google Adsense account is gone), without the work involved in understanding the entire Google ecosystem to manage my privacy, and without constant distraction by the latest gadgets Google came up with. Dropping Gmail is how I achieve this.” – Neubertify

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Opt-In to Happiness

“All it’s cost me are LOLs and LIKES and YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF EXPLOSIONS and news about startups. It’s more than a fair trade–it’s a no brainer. And I think almost anyone with a job based on information can set up a similar life that is just as enjoyable. It might take a few years, but you can’t do it while you’re rotting online reading junk content. Get on, make the most meaningful information and connections, and then get offline. Then, live purposefully towards happiness. Because I’ve never met a person who spent their days and nights online that was happy as I am right now.” – Brian Lam