Call for Testers: WP-iPodCatter 0.9a

Hey all, I could use some help testing the new version of WP-iPodCatter

Changes in 0.9a:

  • All variables from the replacement wp-rss2.php file moved into the WP-iPodCatter section in WordPress admin Options tab.
  • Updated wp-rss2.php file
  • Support for itunes:block at an individual post level
  • Support for itunes subcategories
  • Support for itunes:explicit at overall podcast level and individual post level
  • Enter itunes:keywords manually or use wordpress categories
  • Preview cover images within WordPress admin area.
  • Turn your comments feed into a podcast using the replacement wp-commentsrss2.php file

I’ve got it running on my dev box and will be migrating it to First Crack podcast in the next day or so.

This link now directs to WP-iPodCatter v1.0
If you’re interested, download the zip file at:

Leave all bugs and oddities in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Call for Testers: WP-iPodCatter 0.9a

  1. Hey,

    Awesome plugin, you did exactly what i was trying to do. I’m going to modify it a bit and test it out. I’ll then send you a copy of the changes. Great work!

  2. I spent a few hours trying to get this up and running, albeit I am completely new to the world of RSS. It seems to not create valid enclosures and so iTunes doesn’t recognize my feed as valid and also it seems to have broken my comments RSS as well generate a bunch of errors when I leave a comment (which saves). Any advice?

  3. If you get the following error message when using this plugin, let me know – and include the version of PHP you’re running.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    on line 521

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output
    started at
    in /home/jerware/public_html/podcast-pcg/wp-comments-post.php on line 51

    The easiest way to remove this error is to comment out lines 600 & 601 in the wp-ipodcatter.php file.

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