Tuesday, 20 January 2009

First Crack 114. Kurt Schmidt on Old School BMX Freestyle

Twenty years ago, while BMX freestyle was a favorite hobby of mind, Kurt Schmidt rode for Haro Bikes. Then he co-founded the infamous Standard Bike Manufacturing.

He retells the story of:

  • breaking his ribs on his first big pro contest
  • stalking photographers to get in magazines
  • Rad – starring Bill Allen
  • starting a high-end BMX bike company, not in California, but a house in Iowa.
  • starting Props video magazine
  • Riding backwards.

Here’s a great timeline of Kurt’s BMX career.

[49 min].

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

First Crack 73. The Banjo Brothers Bicycling Bags

I sat down with Mike, Eric, and Pete of Banjo Brothers for the low down on their grocery pannier and what got them started in cycling bags. There’s also some bits in there about how they’re partnering with bloggers like The Fat Cyclist to improve their bags.

Of course, you can buy their bags from Gene over at the One on One Bike Shop.

Hey, Mike & Eric gave me a Banjo Brother’s Mini Seat Bag, listen to the podcast on how it can be yours. Digital Dan Hook over at the Hook Show was the first one in.

  • Uplifter Minnesota, first event March 25th 2-6pm at the Acadia Cafe. Bring yourself, your gear, your passion.
  • DEMO LoFi musician showcases every Thursday night at the Acadia Cafe.
  • First Crack Podcast theme song by Jeremy Piller.

Listen to the Banjo Brothers Bicycling Bags [16 min]

Tuesday, 14 December 2004

First Crack 15. Minneapolis Bicycle Culture with Gene Oberpiller

Gene Oberpriller, who runs the 1-on-1 Bike Studio, gives us the skinny on his shop/gallery/cafe, the 15 year-old bicycle junkyard in the basement, and the history of Minneapolis’ bombastic bicycle culture.

Links Mentioned:

Intro: Bill Boulger from IndieTickets.com

Listen to Minneapolis Bicycle Culture [28 min]

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