Thursday, 14 April 2005

First Crack 37. From Betty’s Bikes & Buns

A big thanks to everyone that helped keep Betty’s open. Betty’s is a great independent coffee shop and I’m happy to see the community pull together and keep it open.

Tom Roe owner of Betty’s Bikes and Buns and I talk motorcycles, community, and the best coffee in Minneapolis.

The First Crack podcast website has been recently redesigned. It now has episode voting courtesy of the Votio plugin from I want to thank First Crack subscriber Jonas Rullo for identifying and resolving a CSS issue with the new site. Thanks Jonas and good luck on your quest for a West Bend Poppery I.

Listen to From Betty’s Bikes & Buns [18 min]

Got questions about coffee or comments about the show? Call: 206-20-BEAN-1

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