6 thoughts on “First Crack 61. Building an Airplane at Home with Jeff Coffey

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jeff’s airplane tale, every minute of it. I’m a new pilot, and the way Jeff tells it I kinda might like to try something like this myself one day. Thumbs up on a good audio show.

  2. HI,
    I listened to Jeffs airplane building story and enjoyed it, He is easy to listen to. What brought alot of my attention to him is I saw him on Star Tomorrow and I saw the last name of Coffey. Well, my mothers maiden name was Coffey and there are not really all that many of them that I know of and I thought how cool another Coffey. Also, I am one of 12 kids and there are musically talented family members in my family as well. How neat to have come across another talented Coffey. This is soooo cool! HI JEFF, ARE WE RELATED BY ANY CHANCE?

  3. I enjoyed it also, I’m 16 and I’m actually saving up to build a mini-max, a t-bird ll, or an affordaplane. Thanks for the story its a real uplifter.

  4. Great podcast and editing! I am in the process of researching what my first kit plane will be. My first consideration was a RV7A, but my current consideration is now an RV10, (only because my wife says it has to be a 4 passenger) After listening about the actual thought processes that come and go year after year during a build (I plan on taking 4-6 years) I am leaning more towards a QB quick build kit. This option will cost thousands more, but could cut years of the total build. Just having that as an option is a big motivational perk for me.

  5. dear jeff:
    im a aspiring 16 year old who is trying to find some blueprints for a aircraft but i have no clue on where to look if you can help me let me know.


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