Gillmor Gang & WSJ vs Hugh MacLeod & Dave Winer

Jason Calcanis says, “With three or four ad slots you’re gonna do a $3 to $10 RPM…So, if you can do 500,000 pages a month…you can make $1,500 to $5,000 a month.”

Gillmor Gang says Hugh MacLeod should sell his cartoons as an advertising-delivery channel.

“But journalists seem to have a problem getting their head around it. ‘Indirectly’ is too foreign to them. They’re too used to living in the “directly” universe.” – Hugh MacLeod

“A person with a blog is analogous to a source in the old publishing world. Sources don’t get paid directly, but we do get paid indirectly.” – Dave Winer

“Mark that on the calendar. I agree with Dave Winer.” – J Wynia