HomeMade Pizza Company coming to Minnetonka and Wayzata

One of the things I still miss from our time in the Central Street neighborhood in Evanston is the HomeMade Pizza Company take-n-bake pizza. Clean, open storefronts, amazing ingredients. Cooked up in the comfort of your own home.

My favorites are the Spinach Pie and the Savory Pie. Both are so much tastier than Davanni’s par-bake or the nastiness that is Papa Murphy’s.

Jen just called, reporting a citing of a bus ad for HomeMade, and their site confirms locations opening soon at Hwy 7 & Hopins Crossroad in Minnetonka and 830 East Lake in Wayzata.

Sure, it’s not in walking distance from my house (or I would’ve known sooner), but it’s here and will make the occassional trips to those neighborhoods so much better.

3 thoughts on “HomeMade Pizza Company coming to Minnetonka and Wayzata

  1. Garrick,
    We appreciate the props! we also will be opening in St. Paul and Apple Valley, in addition to others this year. I hope we see you there. Thanks!

  2. Homemade Pizza Company ROCKS! Thankfully we live only a few minutes from their store on Highway 7. They are hands down the winnner in the take-and-bake arena.

  3. They are now available in Wayzata, directly adjacent to Village Meats, across the street from the Wayzata Bay Center.

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