Introducing the WP-iPodCatter Plugin

The WP-iPodCatter plugin help podcasters running WordPress create a valid feed for iTunes’ podcast directory. WP-iPodCatter adds 2 iTunes specific fields to WordPress’s post page; one for itunes:category, and one for itunes:explicit.

The zip file also contains a replacement wp-rss2.php file with all the iTunes specific tags in it.

Download WP-iPodCatter v0.5

For suggestions, comments, and all other ongoing concerns with this plugin, head over to the WP-iPodCatter dedicated page

2 thoughts on “Introducing the WP-iPodCatter Plugin

  1. The plug-in you wrote looks great. Only one question: Why not just finish it and write one that will edit ALL the tags and include an image for iTunes. It seems like it would be a simple tweak since you have already gone this far.

    Just wondering.


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