Jon Gordon’s Twin Cities Coffee WiFi Google Map Started

Jon Gordon‘s going to be in the Twin Cities for a while and he thought it’d be fun to review the local selection of independent coffee + wifi shops.

As part of that effort, I’ve started a Google Map for listing and pin-pointing these places. There’s also a handful of invites floating around to for those that want to help.

Want one?

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Update 07 July 2008
I just cracked open a PBWiki for this project:

10 thoughts on “Jon Gordon’s Twin Cities Coffee WiFi Google Map Started

  1. Thanks for setting this up. I’m thinking each review should include a nice photo or two, and include evaluations of coffee quality, wi-fi experience, and general ambience. Interview with owner or customers would be a nice bonus. Sound good?

  2. Yes Jon, I think that sounds great. As you’ve seen, Google Maps will support some of that – but it doesn’t make sense for all of it. I liked the longer-form model Dwight Silverman in Houston is doing.

    Perhaps the Google Map lists the places, and there’s another place for the in-depth stuff with the two linked together.

  3. Great idea, thanks for starting this up. Wondering if a place like Turtle Bread, that really isn’t just a coffee shop, qualifies? Probably does. Looking forward to this.

  4. Yes, I was thinking the same thing – we need a prettier way to display. But the map can also be a complete deal, cuz it can display photos and lots of text, right? Anything we post to a blog or wiki can by copied and pasted into the map, if we so choose. I think.

  5. Ivan: Frankly, I’m interested in places that are mostly about coffee. Not sure Turtle Bread qualifies. Never been there. You can review anything you want, but I’ll stick to the hardcore coffee joints myself. And since I won’t have a car during my stay, it’ll be hardcore coffee joints that are convenient to major bus lines. And probably, those mostly east of the mighty Miss…

  6. East Side Saint Paul no represented!

    Now let’s make one pointing out the good Iced Coffee options around town (really, why is it so hard to find a good iced coffee?)

  7. What fun. I would love to help out. I am crazy about espresso. And of course Clover, press pots.

    Any real special presentations. But hold the milk.


  8. Jeremy, are you from the same The Roastery that I used to go to back in the early to mid 90s – on Cleveland Avenue? I’ve yet to taste better coffee on a regular basis that the press pots I used to get there. San Francisco has been somewhat of a disappointment (but it’s getting better with Blue Bottle and Ritual Roasters that I just discovered). Also, I feel ya on the ‘hold the milk’ but I still like me some dry cappuccino…

  9. Jon,

    It is I. The very same. Thanks for the kind words.
    I guess I could take a dry cappucino. But I have not seen one of those in a few years. Nowadays everything looks like a latte. I will check out Anodyne on Nicollet and 43rd. Nice place, wifi. Decent coffee.
    I heard good things about Blue Bottle and Rituals.
    Say hi to Ryan at Rituals for me.


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