Stinson Auto Brought the Neon Back to Normal

Back when Saint Paul the Auto Repairman fixed my tie rod end, he noticed the front brakes needed to be done and warned:

“You’re going to lose a caliper.”

He also warned the alignment was off. To go straight, turn the steering wheel 60 degrees off normal. No, Jen didn’t want me driving the car until both problems were fixed.

I poked around CarTalk’s MechanXFiles for a reputable repair shop nearby. I found Stinson Auto, just a few blocks away.

Yeah, it’s that local, half-run down auto shop you drive by and wonder if they’re any good or just a front for the mafia.

I gave them a call, dropped the Neon off, and at about 4pm, they call me with an estimate. Reasonable, especially considering they planned on fixing it yet this evening.

Six hours later – yes – 10pm.

“This is Joe from Stinson Auto, wondering if you’d like to pick up your car yet tonight.”

(I waited until morning)

They far surpassed my expectations on all accounts, that’s NE Minneapolis for you.

Thanks Joe.

Stinson Automotive Inc
(612) 788-9229
3300 Stinson Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55418

2 thoughts on “Stinson Auto Brought the Neon Back to Normal

  1. You aren’t kidding! I’m a gearhead Mr Fixit kinda guy that has no time to do his auto work anymore and David and the crew at Stinson Auto are the best in the biz. I have lived near the shop for 13 years not sure why it took me so long to go to them! When your warranty is done, take your ride to them. Cheers, Shane, Nordeast Resident from the farm.

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