Thursday, 31 May 2007

First Crack 103. Lunch with Minneapoliscast, How Was The Show, LocalTone and

I bought Tony Thomas from Minneapoliscast, Andrea Meyers from, and Justin Grammens from, and Brian McDonough from lunch to talk about the Minneapolis music scene.

We cover the goal of each of their sites, the challenges of finding good independent music, and Brian makes some band recommendations.

Listen to Lunch with Minneapoliscast, How Was The Show, LocalTone, and [35 min].

First Crack 102. Measuring Carbon Footprints with Tyler Patterson

Tyler Patterson just finished up a Masters Thesis project investigating adding all the University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ campus energy sources into the Chicago Climate Exchange.

In this numbers and stats intensive conversation, we discuss:

  • The methodology of the measuring the campus’ carbon footprint
  • The economics of the carbon trading and energy efficiency
  • The trade-offs in determining energy sources (fuel oil vs. coal vs. oat hulls vs. natural gas)

Listen to Measuring Carbon Footprints with Tyler Patterson [41 min].

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Google Gears and Joyent Slingshot – Take the Web Offline

My biggest issue with browser-based apps is their complete uselessness when I’m without internet access (or low bandwidth situations). Still happens quite frequently.

I knew that situation wouldn’t last long, but of all the potential outcomes, I didn’t expect this one: Joyent Slingshot and Google Gears turn browser-based apps into offline desktop apps.


Monday, 28 May 2007

Small Gaps Between Us

Notice all the stores Dave mentions are related:

  • Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy are all Gap Inc. brands.
  • Eight years ago when Apple didn’t have any retail stores, Millard Drexler, then CEO of Gap Inc, joined the Apple Board of Directors.

Personally, I can count on one hand the number of items I’ve ever purchased from Gap Inc. They just don’t sell things in my size, let alone style.

Friday, 25 May 2007

First Crack 101. Time Traveling Journalism with Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson (Snarkmarket, and I discuss one of Matt’s most compelling memes – telling stories over time. via:

Listen to Time Traveling Journalism with Matt Thompson [28 min].

Thursday, 24 May 2007

18 people have befriended Ququoo. It seems to be working as expected. Praise Murphy.

Turning the Radio Off

Last weekend was Chicago Trip #1. The drive put a pretty good dent in my Unlistened Podcast playlist – down to 17.5 days (from a high of 24). There were a couple of spots near the Wisconsin/Illinois border and around Schaumberg where the FM transmitter couldn’t hold a frequency.

Rather than scanning the dial, I turned the radio off.

“Nowadays I prefer silence to NPR” – Dave Slusher


We’re in the early stages of exploring what to replace our 10 year-old Dodge Neon with. Looks like every car comes with an AM/FM CD deck. Three things I don’t want. At all. I just want an auxiliary jack. That’s it.

Can anyone out there help explain the tight connection between automakers and broadcast radio?


“i told the mpr people i wouldn’t pledge again until the current played a phish song.”- Dave Cecchi

Wednesday, 23 May 2007 Twitter Timesheet Looking For Beta-Friends, my first Rails app is finally up and at a place where I’m happy with it.

Ququoo turns Twitter into a timesheet – by grouping your tweets and measuring the time between them.

As with any web app that was launched moments ago, there’s probably a few more things to tidy up and sort out. That said, Ququoo is looking for some beta-friends. If you’re interested and have a Twitter account; add ququoo

Elsewhere, Ed Kohler wonders if something like can find an audience:

“I’m sure there are plenty of Twitter users who bill or their time on a consulting basis who would love to be able to Tweet their billable hours.” – Ed Kohler