Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Flat Earth Releases Angry Planet @ Acadia Cafe June 30


“Flat Earth is sponsoring 10 hours of awesome bands and we will release our next and long awaited beer named Angry Planet, an American pale ale made with organic ingredients.”


Flat Earth Brewing & Acadia Cafe Present
Saturday, June 30, 2007
Time: 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Cover Charge: $5.00
Ages: All Ages

Flat Earth Revival
All Day Music Fest and Flat Earth Brewery Organic Ale release
!!!!$1 Organic Ale Pints with admission!!!!

2pm Roe Family Singers
3:15pm Steve Kaul (Brass Kings mystery appearance?)
4:30pm Carl Johnson (The Non Brothers Johnson)
5:45pm John Wills
7:00pm Anthony Newes
8:45pm Painted Saints
10:30pm Night in the Box

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Surly’s Coffee Bender at the Acadia – Best of Both Worlds

Last night, I popped by the Acadia Cafe to update their podcast settings – it’s been moved to While testing everything out, Ted surprised me with a pint of Surly Brewing’s new Coffee Bender.

It’s a fantastic beer, one that Omar hinted at during our podcast. The most complex of all Surly’s beers – in addition to their signature hoppiness, and Bender’s oatmeal, the coffee adds a chocolate finish and a contemplative nature to the pint.

Monday, 12 June 2006

PodcastMN Live to Hard Drive June 2006

Tonight, PodcastMN was at the Acadia Cafe for the inaugural PodcastMN Live to Hard Drive event.

The line up included:

I had a great time. Learned about how each of us do our show, wine tasting, the word “Amen”, and well, since I’m writing this while The Nameless Band Representing Creot Radio is playing, that’s it thus far.

Cinema Playground went all out with a 3-round movie trivia show with – non-podcasting contestants. Remarkable…and hard.

Overall, a refreshing change from the sitting-around-drinking-talking-geek meetups. About 15 seats were filled at any given time so, I’m declaring it a success. There were even requests for another one. I’m up for it. Who else?

Thanks to Ted and the Acadia Cafe for the space, Matt for running the sound, and everyone that did their show.

J Wynia has took some photos of the evening.

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

First Crack 74. Uplifting the AmigoFish with Dave Slusher

As part of the Dave Slusher 2006 Over-Exposure Tour, Dave and I talked about his AmigoFish and the projects.

Upfront I talk about:

Dave and I talk about:

I throw in a song from Jeremy Messersmith and then we talk Uplifter.

Listen to Uplifting the AmigoFish with Dave Slusher [45 min]

Wednesday, 11 January 2006

First Crack 70. Ted Lowell from the Acadia Cafe on Being an Original Venue

Last year, PodcastMN got it’s start over drinks at the Acadia Cafe. This week, I sat down with Ted Lowell – one of the owners.

We talk about:

  • The history of the Acadia Cafe.
  • The decision to be an all original music venue.
  • What it’s like having a Starbucks across the street.
  • Riding the 75-cent pony.
  • Having one of the best beer selections in all of the Twin Cities.

Listen to Ted Lowell from the Acadia Cafe on Being An Original Venue [23 min]