PodcastMN Live to Hard Drive June 2006

Tonight, PodcastMN was at the Acadia Cafe for the inaugural PodcastMN Live to Hard Drive event.

The line up included:

I had a great time. Learned about how each of us do our show, wine tasting, the word “Amen”, and well, since I’m writing this while The Nameless Band Representing Creot Radio is playing, that’s it thus far.

Cinema Playground went all out with a 3-round movie trivia show with – non-podcasting contestants. Remarkable…and hard.

Overall, a refreshing change from the sitting-around-drinking-talking-geek meetups. About 15 seats were filled at any given time so, I’m declaring it a success. There were even requests for another one. I’m up for it. Who else?

Thanks to Ted and the Acadia Cafe for the space, Matt for running the sound, and everyone that did their show.

J Wynia has took some photos of the evening.

2 thoughts on “PodcastMN Live to Hard Drive June 2006

  1. Nice discription of the event.

    I made some LIVE recordings of the night from the audience and produced it into a few podcasts.

    To my knowledge there was no central place where someone could get the full audio from the event. I just wanted to make sure that there was a place where someone that wasn’t available to attend could get an idea of what the event was like.

    Check out the podcasts I made to promote the PodcastMn LIVE event from Acadia Cafe:



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