First Crack 70. Ted Lowell from the Acadia Cafe on Being an Original Venue

Last year, PodcastMN got it’s start over drinks at the Acadia Cafe. This week, I sat down with Ted Lowell – one of the owners.

We talk about:

  • The history of the Acadia Cafe.
  • The decision to be an all original music venue.
  • What it’s like having a Starbucks across the street.
  • Riding the 75-cent pony.
  • Having one of the best beer selections in all of the Twin Cities.

Listen to Ted Lowell from the Acadia Cafe on Being An Original Venue [23 min]

Hoegaarden and Tivoli as Storm Provisions.

We picked up a Tivoli iPAL a couple weeks ago. I’m glad we did. Tonight was the first big storm of the summer – without the Tivoli we would have been without a battery-powered radio.

Before the weather went south, I thought a nice Belgian beer would be refreshing in the 80 degree heat.

The wind and rain were so bad, I was sure the paperboard 6-pack holder would completely give out as I unlocked the back door.

It didn’t.

Yes, I was right. Beer is refreshing. No matter the weather. Think the advertisers know?

Anyway, by the time I got home the power was out.

While I listened to the storm roll through the weather reports. Jen “watched” the season premiere of Lost via commercial-break mobile phone conversations.

Afterwards we plugged the laptop into the Tivoli and watched the second season of the Amazing Race.

A seemingly civilized way to spend the evening.