WordPress-to-WordPress Import Tip: Delete Spam Comments First

I’m doing some blog consolidation (“finally”, I can hear you say). I’ve been trying out WordPress’ new import feature.

It hung, stalled, or timed out every time, either on initial import or on Step 2 when I assign the post author.

After peaking into the WXRSS file, I noticed all my comments were in there (yeah!) including the spam (booo!). After I deleted the spam, re-exported, and re-imported, everything worked slick as can be.

QSPress – Quicksilver and WordPress Make Me Twitter

I’m with Aaron, I don’t quite get Twitter. If you want to know what’s on my mind…read this blog. What I do get about is really, really fast publishing. The faster, the better.

So, I cooked up a little script (11 lines) to post directly to this blog from Quicksilver. If you’ve got a WordPress blog, or blog that understands the MetaWeblogAPI (though, I’ve only tested it on WP).

So, if you want to twitter on your own blog…download QSPress.

The posts look something like this and hey, no character limits. ๐Ÿ˜‰

More on the QSPress page

Eric, I say this script is proof XML-RPC isn’t dead.

Last time I checked, Flickr’s ‘blog this’ was XML-RPC. Copy-and-Paste and XML-RPC are two different things. C-and-P exists because video needs at least one ’embed’ tag and well, that’s hard. Add to that, XML-RPC needs an end-point url and a password, that’s a level of complexity above – ‘here take this code’. They serve two different functions – though the final product looks similar.

RE: What this Website Looks Like

Ben has some recommendations for wordpress publishers using the Hemingway theme (like I am of this writing).

While I agree with some of his suggestions – the undercurrent of the entire discussion is that visual presentation doesn’t really matter – let alone main pages.

Search engines shouldn’t index the main page of a blog (cause it changes lots) – only the links off it, so the likelihood of someone coming by the home page via a search engine should be low – Google et. al should be pointing to the category archive or permalinks.

Secondly, there’s a thing called RSS that delivers the web without a visual presentation. I read all my favorite and not so favorite websites through RSS (including Ben’s) – so I rarely see a what it looks like.

Between you and me, I’m a big fan of just trying on new themes. I’m doing this right now at the First Crack podcast and Working Pathways. When I find a few moments here and there, I’ll tweak the standard to more my liking or find an entire theme closer and repeat.

No, I’m not entirely happy with Hemingway – for some of the reasons Ben states. Yes, I’ve got some changes in the works – when will you see them…..maybe never. Especially if you’re reading this through the RSS feed.

Introducing the HijackingWP Script

One of my biggest problems with podcasting is the production process. Even without editing the audio, the process is far too manual to repeat without inherent discouragement (65 podcasts in year 1 and 20 in year 2 should speak to that).

In an effort to publish more and make podcasting as effortless as writing this post, I spent a couple hours last night writing the HijackingWP script.

It’s a little Applescript glue to connect AudioHijackPro (recording), Transmit (uploading), and WordPress (publishing and distribution).

More info at the HijackingWP page.

Oh, and yes, First Crack 86 proves it works. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dan Kuykendall’s PodPress on Behind the Mic

A while back, Dan Kuykenall downloaded my WP-iPodCatter plugin, mixed in a Flash mp3 player, some other bits and released the PodPress plugin.

He and Mike Geoghegan talk about the PodPress project in a recent Behind the Mic conversation.

Dan’s plugin is full-featured. Capital F – Full. Though he’s nicely solved a couple small problems I’ve been pondering of addressing in WP-iPodCatter, I found it overwhelming. That said, my experience with Apple’s iTunes podcast directory has been so awful all around that I have a hard time getting excited about it.

Thanks Dan.

WP-PostShare – Easier Post Sharing

If you’ve seen the ‘share’ link at the bottom of the posts on the website (not so much in the RSS feed), and like the discrete ease to email, post to Digg.com, del.icio.us, etc, well, now you can have it too.

I’m making the WP-PostShare plugin available for public download.

Share and enjoy.

Some New RSS Feed Features

I just added a few, hopefully, useful links (comments, trackback, email, digg) to the RSS feed of Garrick Van Buren .com and my other blogs.

If you’re running WordPress and want to do the same (something like Feedburner’s FeedFlare), here’s the code I’m using:

< ?php comments_popup_link(__('0 Comments'), __('1 Comment'), __('% Comments')); ?> | < a href="" rel="trackback">Trackback< /a> |
< a href="mailto:?Subject=[]%20< ?php str_replace(" ", "%20", the_title_rss()); ?>&Body=< ?php str_replace(" ", "%20", the_author()); ?>%20said%20something%20interesting%20at%20%20< ?php permalink_single_rss() ?>">Email This< /a> | < a href="http://www.digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=< ?php permalink_single_rss() ?>">Digg It< /a>

Be sure to remove the "" to unescape the tags. I put it right after the < ?php the_content() ?> tag.

Sorry About The Conversation Happening Without Me

On a happy note, this post means the migration to WordPress 2.0 is complete.

On an apologetic note, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has left a comment that completely got lost in the overly aggressive spam filter.

Scott McGerik, Dave, and anyone asking questions about the plugins – sorry for not responding. I wasn’t ignoring you, just didn’t get the message.

Wow. I feel like I just woke up and there was a party going on in my backyard without me.

WP-iPodCatter Now v1.0

I’ve cleaned up a few things based on the feedback from the 0.9a version, and tweaked a couple more things. Decided “0.9” wasn’t as round a version as I’d like and v1.0 felt better.

The Biggest Changes:
– Comment-cast is now a checkbox option (there were some problems with it being supported on earlier versions of PHP)
– The non-iTunes Channel-level Category tag can now be set.
– All the iTunes categories are listed in the plugin, now more digging around for that PDF.
– all the other stuff you loved from 0.9a

Download WP-iPodCatter v1.0

What’s Your Favorite Open Source Project?

Hello gentle reader, I’m looking for your favorite open source projects; applications, websites, services. If the code is available for free and you’re a big fan, throw them in the comments.

    I’ll start:
    WordPress – weblog engine and content management system
    Ruby on Rails – web application framework
    CocoaMySQL – OS X desktop MySQL database manager
    Adium – Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client