Weblog, Podcast, Videoblog Workshop – March 25, 2006 at Acadia Cafe

If you’re interested in starting a weblog, podcast, or videoblog and don’t know where to start, come by the Acadia Cafe (1931 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403) on March 25th between 2-6pm.

I’ll be there, with (hopefully) many other local bloggers, podcasters, and videobloggers to show you the ropes. Everyone leaves with more knowledge than they left with.

Bring what you have, Learn what you need, Share what you know.

Wanna help or be helped, put your name in the comments and the times you’ll probably be by the Acadia.

See you there.

More on the Uplifter movement at Uplifter.org

So, there isn’t a panel or anything as formal as that. I’ll be near the door saying ‘Hi’ and helping people in search of bloggy knowledge find those with it that are already there.

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