Bye Rex, Thanks for the Party

(Matt Thompson from the Strib and me in a MNstories video documenting the party.)

I, along with 600 of Rex Sorgatz‘s closest friends wished him well in his move to Seattle and Microsoft last night.

Honestly, I haven’t been to a blow out like that in quite a while. The food, the drink, the hundreds of hipsters in a very tight space.

Among them, I was able to catch up with Ben, Chuck and Lori, Paul, and a bunch of people I haven’t seen in years that are still without blogs. As an added bonus, I finally met – in person – the legendary Adam Sellke and the elusive Dack.

Thanks Rex – for the party and for MNSpeak community (of course more over there). Enjoy your travels west, and oh, and say ‘Hi’ to Scoble for me.

First Crack 18. Blogumentary’s Chuck Olsen and the Revamps

Chuck Olsen and I discuss his movie Blogumentary, open source films, vlogging, authenticity, and piles of other things including:

I end the show with “Rainy Day Exit” by the Revamps. For more on them, drop lead man Darren Harff a line or catch them at their show on Jan 14th at the Terminal Bar – they go on around 11:45pm.

Listen to Blogumentary’s Chuck Olsen and the Revamps [44 min]

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