Friday, 31 March 2006

A Use Case for Identity XML – Demographic Surveys

Stowe Boyd’s running a reader survey. I’ve followed Stowe from Get Real to /Message and thought I’d check out the survey.

Standard demographic stuff; age, gender, household income, zip code, employment status, profession, internet usage, etc. Those common questions attempting to build an anonymous picture of people without actually getting involved with them.

Reading through the questions, the myth of blogs-as-conversation fell away. Stowe doesn’t know who I am – or you are – at all.

If he did, he wouldn’t need to ask these questions – because we’ve already answered them. All of us. Somewhere – if only at the BackBeat Media survey, or in our

I’d don’t mind giving this info. It’s just annoying to answer the same question twice. I’d much rather just point a URL at the survey.

In the same way I’d prefer to point a URL at my current photo than upload it _again_ to another website (43things, Stikipad, Eventful, or Amazon, Technorati etc).

I’m wondering if there’s an XML specification (or something like it) for the basic identity info all these surveys (read marketers) want. For example:


I could spin a file with this info, host it, maintain it, and provide brief glimpses into for the right price (so could you).

Yes, this is the Customer as Silo idea, feels like there’s some intention economy connection as well. No, I didn’t complete the survey.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Five More from SXSW 2006

Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 5

BJ and Tyler are the greatest team, if only because they’re giving tribute – via their t-shirts – to previous Race teams; “Bowling” / “Moms”. Rad.

Detour – Foundry or Laundry
Uh. Laundry. No Question.

“We Choose Not to Yield”
Exactly it’s way too early to yield. The teams in the lead are too even at this point, there’s no common enemy. Well, the Dentist couple is shaking out to be the common enemy, but they’re so far back it doesn’t make sense to yield them. Unbelievable – Dani & Danelle were yielded by the Dentist. WTF.

Roadblock: Venus Jigsaw
Looks like I’m doing it. Two extra pieces – interesting. Which 2? Hmmm. Looks straight forward enough. Jen predicts the extra pieces will freak out the Dentist.

There’s some pretty cool looking cars in this episode. Spacious, yet tiny.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #1
  • Dave & Lori – #6
  • Ray & Yolanda – #5

Monday, 27 March 2006

Cameras Cameras Everywhere

I grabbed a Gyro and a Lamb Kabob from Holy Land Deli this evening and notice this advertisement for a local surveillance company.

The first blob of red text says that the City of Minneapolis requires any grocery, tobacco, or liquor store to have a functioning surveillance system up and running as of January 2006.

I’m not sure where their cameras were (I suspect back by the meats and cheeses). I just knew there was one in my pocket and probably in the pockets of 75% of the other customers.

What’s the point of capturing the images if no one else sees them?

RSS Feeds Replacing CDs – It’s Starting

A while back I pondered RSS feeds replacing Compact Discs as the primary way to receive music from your favorite artists.

As I mentioned in that post:

“With a podcast, musicians can release whatever they’d like, whenever they’d like; demo tracks, rough tracks, experiments, final edits, interviews, conversations about the song writing process, anything their fans would enjoy. All of it delivered automatically to their biggest fans.”

So, yes, I’m excited to see Jonathan Coulton – one of my favorite artists – experiment with a Thing-a-Week Subscription. Every week I get a new song from Jonathan Coulton and he gets a $1 from me (minus Paypal transaction fees, plus lots of word-of-mouth publicity).

I hope to see more more experiments with this model.

Sunday, 26 March 2006

My Heritage Finds Alan Turing in a Tree

This morning, Jen and I were playing with‘s facial recognition system.

Here you can see the MyHeritage system found Jen’s face and someone lurking in the bushes.

Who could it be hiding in the Belgian forest?

Perhaps British mathematician, logician, and cryptographer Alan Turing?
Alan Turing

Maybe, star of television’s Baywatch and Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff (I’ve heard he’s big in Germany)?
David Hasselhoff

Or prehaps German-born author Anne Frank?
Ann Frank

Saturday, 25 March 2006

First Crack 76. Paying Attention with J Wynia

Back from SXSW 2006, J Wynia and I grabbed a morning tea and talked about:

Listen to Paying Attention with J Wynia [33 min]

Wednesday, 22 March 2006